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What Adam Learned on his Summer Vacation

The entire production staff of The Cottage is anticipating this Thursday – First Rehearsal. This day the actors will join us to have a first read-thru  and with that take the first steps bringing this play from the page to the stage.  After last week’s post in which Sandy Rustin told us why The Cottage was written, this […]

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Dominating Ladies in a Male Dominant Genre

Tickets are being sold, postcards are being printed, actors are being cast, and a set is being budgeted. In many ways, we are already in full swing  for The Cottage – our first mainstage show, and we’re excited to see what the hard work of the next 5 weeks will bring to this devilishly funny script. […]

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Looking Back and Moving Forward

Since Taryn left at the beginning of August, the most common question about APAC I’ve been asked is “how is it going without Taryn?” The answer is complex, of course there is a huge impact to the company when 1/3rd of its senior staff leaves, and this is a major transition time for all of […]

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Casting By the Numbers

Tomorrow we get under way with casting for our first mainstage of the year – The Cottage.  Casting is the first time a director will see these actors bring the script to life – these same actors will embody characters in front of an audience in just under two months.  Leading up this endeavor is […]

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Tom’s Take on Season 13

Programming a season, especially one with only two mainstage shows in it, is a challenging activity.  A well-programmed season should contain balance – shows that complement and contrast each other, that both speak to and challenge our current audience, as well as bring in new audiences.  It also has to be a very timely choice, […]

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