Astoria Students’ Plays Performed By Professional Artists 4/14 at 6pm
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Astoria Students’ Plays Performed By Professional Artists 4/14 at 6pm

Each year students from Horace Greeley Intermediate School (IS10) participate in an after school program where they learn to write their own plays.

These young playwrights then see their original works brought to life by professional actors and directors in a evening of staged readings.

The show is free and open to the public.

Come see a fantastic group of actors and directors put their mark on these new plays.

Each young playwright sees their work performed for the very first time while sitting in a big “Writer’s Chair” onstage.

It’s great fun and inspiring to see these kids find a new way to express themselves creatively.

When: Thursday, April 14th, 2011 at 6pm

Where: IS10 Horace Greeley Auditorium

45-11 31st Ave
Long Is City, NY 11103
bet. 45th and 46th Sts in Astoria. <== Click for map.

By subway take the R/M to the 46th St stop. <== Click for subway map.

Use the side entrance on 46th Street between 30th Avenue and 31st Avenue


Ten original plays written by middle school kids performed in an evening of staged readings by professional artists.

Best Friends Forever

Isabella the dolphin misses her mom. Her best friend Karina is determined to reunite them. Don’t miss this heartwarming tale complete with synchronized swimming.

Featuring…Sally Cade Holmes, Christina Roman, Charity Schubert
Directed by…Angela Dirksen

The Sneaky Banana Thief

Michael is 50 years old, broke and still in high school! In order to to pay the school bully, Michael plans a banana heist that finds him stuck up the wrong tree.

Featuring…Peter Levine, Dave Havasi, Joe Lattanzi, Matthew Barbot
Directed by…Dominic D’Andrea

The Great Adventure of Spectra and Joey

Spectra and his newly court appointed brother Joey, a talking shoe, are thrust into an adventure like they’ve never seen. Their trust is put to the test as they discover what it truly means to be brothers.

Featuring…Ben Schnickel, Nick Abeel, Janice Mann
Directed by…Roberto Cambeiro

The Dog’s Heart Breaks But the Mother Heals It

Sally the nurse and Charlie the husky dog can’t seem to get along. Charlie is tired of being left home alone and Sally is getting more and more frustrated by his acting out. Will they ever learn to forgive each other?

Featuring…Nick Abeel and Charity Schubert
Directed by…Brian Dann

Lovin’ Life

In this psychedelic memory play, Alec remembers good times and bad with his best friend Austin the monkey who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Featuring…Mike Roush, Alex Weider, David Meyers, Anjuli Sanneman, Natalie Doyle Holmes, Liz Power
Directed by…Hans Friedrichs

Fred’s Adventure

Time is running out, if Fred doesn’t get to his beloved kiddie pool Judy within the hour he’ll get fat and explode! But Fatty MicFat, an old brick wall has vowed to keep him away from ‘baby things’. Can Fred’s dad Jack, who is part mountain lion, save the day? Don’t miss this action packed love story.

Featuring…Mike Roush, Matthew Barbot, David Havasi
Directed by…Alex Weider

The Best Friends and the Book Bag

Cymphonique’s book bag, Keri, has a special feature that’s coming between her and her best friend Jasmine. Will they overcome their differences and remain BFFs?

Featuring…Charity Schubert, Sally Cade Holmes, Angela Dirksen
Directed by…Richard Buccola

The Ugly and the Smelly

Dave is 40 years old, he’s never kissed a girl and he still lives with his mom. Is there any hope for Dave? Bob the monkey is on the case. He’s determined to get Dave some style…and a girl!

Featuring…Ben Schnickel, Peter Levine, Jillian K. Waters
Directed by…Roberto Cambeiro

The Battle Of Meat

Kyle is trying to get his college degree on animals. He enters the jungle on a quest to examine Cheater, the mighty cheetah, which turns into a battle of wits and physical strength. Kyle’s sister Lucy devises a plan to save the day buy also put her life at risk. How will it all end?

Featuring…Joe Lattanzi, Liz Power, Natalie Doyle Holmes
Directed by…Elizabeth Irwin

Me and You Forever

Mandy has no idea she’s involved in a elaborate plot to capture a known animal abuser. She only wants her friend Andy the dolphin back in her family. Can Mandy’s mom save the day?

Featuring…Liz Power, Christina Roman, Janice Mann, Dave Charest
Directed by…Paul Brewster

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