Behind the Scenes of Summer Stars – Kids Edition
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

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Behind the Scenes of Summer Stars – Kids Edition

It’s hard to believe but today is the last day of rehearsal for Summer Stars.  Before the two public performances tomorrow, we wanted to hear from the kids about some of their experiences these last two weeks. Three of our Summer Stars – Nicole Wengert, Olga Horbal, and Ella Shea gave you a sneak peek of what you might see tomorrow.


Nicole, Olga & Ella during rehearsal

Nicole, Olga & Ella during rehearsal

APAC is by far my favorite theatre experience! I’ve had an awesome time meeting new people that I now call friends while performing. Some things that I really enjoyed was learning the music and harmonizing, playing games to help us learn our lines, and creating our characters. All our characters are so unique! I play Delilah, the girly, yet nosy girl. Other characters have different features, but singing and acting help us to unite. I am a very shy person, but being with people who love what I love, and the teachers giving me helpful feedback, I stepped out of my comfort zone. All in all, everyone here has been very nice and I know the show will be spectacular!
– Nicole Wengert (age 13)




We began with acting games to learn how to interact with each other on stage. We learned music, which was tailored to the theme of our show. Next we began to form our characters. My friend Ella and I decided to be “Jane A.” and “Jane B.”—frenemies cursed with the same name. We made sure our show was enticing, with bursts of humor. I’m sure my fourth and final Summer Stars will be the best one yet!

– Olga Horbal (age 13)



I have been in five shows with APAC so far and each one was amazing. Every year I say to myself, “We’re not going to be able to pull this off in two weeks.” Then every year, APAC proves me wrong. We start with the music and learn all the musical numbers. The teachers (Paul and Katherine) get to know us and our capabilities. Then they assign solos and roles. Then we make our characters up while Katherine writes the script. We start to choreograph the music, and block the scenes. My character is “Jane A.” I am a student. I used to be a nerd, but then I got popular, leaving my best friend “Jane B.” behind. We are now frenemies. I hope you enjoy the show—it’s phenomenal.

-Ella Shea (age 12)

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