BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #10: Actress Kayla Wickes
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #10: Actress Kayla Wickes

So since Rowan Michael Meyer already wrote a piece that embodies everything I feel about this production of Blood Brothers,

I thought I would share something different. I always make playlists for every show I’m in.

BlogKaylawithBoys   Because APAC has this neat blog thingy, I figured I would make this playlist public.

Some of it is a bit funny, and some of it is pretty accurate. This is just for fun! I hope you enjoy it!

Blood Brothers to Music in Kayla’s Ipod…



1. The beginning- “We didn’t start the fire”-Billy Joel

2. Mrs. Lyons in the beginning- “Sweet Baby James”-James Taylor


3. Mrs. Johnston in the beginning- “Superstition”- Stevie Wonder

4. Mr. Lyons in the beginning- “Cat’s in the Cradle”- Harry Chapin

5. Kid’s Game- “Kids”- MGMT

6. Linda in Act 1- “Just a Girl”- No Doubt

7. Mrs. Lyons in the country- “Our House” –Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

8. Mrs. Johnston moves to the country- “Movin’ Out”-Billy Joel

9. Act 2- School and Teenagers- “My Generation” -The Who, and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”- Nirvana

10. Sammy in Act 2- “Burning Down the House”- Talking Heads

11. Linda in the beginning of Act 2- “I Want You To Want Me”-Cheaptrick

12. Mrs. Lyons Paranoia/ Fight Scene- “Every breath you take” -The Police

13. Act 2 Summer Sequence (Mickey, Eddie, and Linda) -“Summer of 69”-Bryan Adams

14. From Eddie to Linda in the beginning of Act 2- “I want to hold your hand”- The Beatles and “I will

Wait”-Mumford and sons

15. Linda and Mickey at the end of the wedding/ Mrs. Jones- “Take a Walk,”- Passion Pit, and “A Day

in the Life”- The Beatles

16. Act 2- Mickey Loses his job- “Like a rolling stone” and “Subterranean Homesick Blues”- Bob


17. Mickey and Eddie’s fight- “So this is Christmas”- John Lennon

18. The Robbery- “Take the Money and Run”- Steve Miller Band, and “I Fought the Law” -The Clash

19. Mickey in prison- “Folsom Prison Blues” -Johnny Cash

20. Mickey on Tablets- “Comfortably Numb” -Pink Floyd

21. Linda in the Tablet Scene- “We Can Work It Out”- The Beatles

22. Linda’s Affair- “Don’t Do Me Like That” -Tom Petty

23. Mickey finds out about Eddie and Linda- “Hey Joe” Jimi Hendricks

24. Ending- “Tell Me It’s Not True”- Willy Russell


Photos above:

Kayla with castmates Simon Pearl and Rowan Michael Meyer at Opening Night Party. Photo by Matty Baker.

Kayla as Linda in Blood Brothers. Photo by Jen Maufrais Kelly. 

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