BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #12: Audience Member Jonathan Thompson
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #12: Audience Member Jonathan Thompson

I first encountered Blood Brothers twenty years ago as a teenager growing up in a tiny town in Oregon. I saw the Broadway cast of Blood Brothers perform a medley from the show on the Tony Awards and I loved it. I managed to find the CD and I listened to the unusual, haunting songs over and over but I never got to see the show. What a treat it is, after all these years, to have a fantastic production of the show right in my own neighborhood.

There is so much to praise in APAC’s Blood Brothers. The excellent cast is onstage for most of the show and their energy and enthusiasm is a joy to see. The heart of the musical’s story is the friendship of Mickey, Edward and Linda, and relationship is beautifully portrayed by Rowan Michael Meyer, Simon Pearl and Kayla Wickes. Their performances fill the show’s final scenes with intense emotion. The staging and design puts the audience right next to the action so that we feel intimately connected to the characters. That’s something that APAC productions are particularly good at. They let us see great performances up close. I enjoyed this production so much that I saw it again the following weekend.

Left to right:

1st Row – Simon Pearl (Eddie), Kayla Wickes (Linda), Rowan Michael Meyer (Mickey).  Jan-Peter Pedross (Teacher). Jonathan Gregg (Sammy).

2nd Row – Marisa Devetta (Mrs. Lyons). Rowan Michael Meyer (Mickey).  Rowan Michael Meyer (Mickey), Kayla Wickes (Linda), Simon Pearl (Eddie). Photos by Jen Maufrais Kelly.

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