BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #14: Actress Hannah Lewis (The Secret Garden)
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #14: Actress Hannah Lewis (The Secret Garden)

I played Mary in last spring’s APAC performance of The Secret Garden, and I was very excited to come back and see Blood Brothers. I was amazed at how much the space had changed. The first time I saw the space before The Secret Garden it was just a gym, then it was transformed into an English manor house, and now  the whole layout of the performance space has been changed for Blood Brothers, making it a completely different audience experience.

Hannah in Middle TSG pic

It was really exciting for me to see people that I had performed with in The Secret Garden playing characters completely different than the roles they played before, I never would have believed they were the same people.

The songs were great, and the staging was powerful. I also really liked the role of the narrator because he helped move the play along.  Towards the beginning of the play, the actors play younger versions of their characters. The actors were very funny and I really believed that they were young kids. Throughout the play the characters get older, and the actors portray their older selves very well too.

I really enjoyed returning to APAC, this time as audience member, to see Blood Brothers and experience the magic of theater so close to the action.

Photo: Hannah as Mary in APAC’s production of The Secret Garden (May 2012). Photo by Michael Dekker.

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