BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #4: Production Manager, Annie Jacobs
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #4: Production Manager, Annie Jacobs

3544_10151373652988779_673820633_nToday is our first performance of Blood Brothers with a paying audience, our first preview. I came to the theater tonight to complete some finishing touches on the set, to clean up a little masking, and to make sure the show is ready for its debut.

As the Production Manager, this is the day I can finally take a breath. For the past three months Blood Brothers has been a part of my life almost daily, first in the form of meetings, budgeting, and planning, then later in the form of physical labor, building and painting the set, hanging lights and running sound cable. The momentum builds throughout our load in period and peaks during what we call our technical rehearsals, the week the actors get to start exploring the stage and trying on costumes. It can be the most stressful time, when designers are in the building from 9 am to midnight trying to find perfection in their craft, with just a week to get everything together it feels like every moment counts. As the Production Manager, my goal is to make this time the best experience it can be for them, supporting all the designers in any way I can, sometimes that means being up on a ladder and at other times it’s a trip to Home Depot. I know I can’t take away all the hard work and long hours but at least I will be in the trenches with the rest of the team. But tech isn’t just about stress, it is also a magical time in theatre, when the collaborators on a show get together in one room and finally bring all they have to the table.

On Blood Brothers, it felt like there was a lot of magic in the room, a cast who had bonded during rehearsals brought a levity to it all, a design team that had great dedication and great humor kept things moving in a positive direction, a stage management team who excelled at keeping everyone focused and efficient, and of course Tom at the helm finding a way to inspire the best work in everyone involved. I’m proud to work on all APAC shows and believe me, this one is no exception.

Tonight is exciting not only because the long hours of notes and rehearsals end, but even more because we finally get the chance to start sharing all our hard work with the last members of the collaborative team, the audience. The audience brings the last component, the part that makes live theatre so very special and I’m so excited to show you all the magic we created.

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