Bring Your Sweet Tooth to the Show
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Bring Your Sweet Tooth to the Show

Over the past few weeks we have given you different views of the new play The Cottage which will have its first public performance this Thursday. We hope after seeing so many different perspectives of the show in the last few weeks you are as excited about seeing the show as we are about showing it to you. But if you need one more reason to come out to The Cottage, Tom wanted to share about a new partnership which will bring a sweet new treat to our concessions.


We couldn’t be more excited to premiere Sandy Rustin’s new play The Cottage this weekend at APAC! We are finished with tech rehearsals (where we add the technical elements for the first time (full set and props, costumes, lights and sound), and all we have left are two final dress runs and then this very funny new play will finally get the missing piece of the puzzle: The Audience.

APAC is excited to be partnering with Sweets First Bakeshoppe, a new cupcake bakery that recently opened its doors in Astoria Generic cupcake pic(dangerously close to Kaufman Astoria Studios, where the APAC office is!). They were featured in BORO Mag this summer, and we were thrilled when they agreed to let us sell their cupcakes at our concession table during The Cottage.

Cousins and co-owners Christine Mendoza and Charisse Balines, have cleverly re-purposed some of their more popular flavors to represent the three women characters in the play:

THE SYLVIA: The play begins with Sylvia basking in the sunlit dew of a spring morning in an English countryside cottage, inspiring these honeydew bubble tea cupcakes, with honeydew batter and a honeydew frosting with pearlized sprinkles.

THE MARJORIE:  Taro bubble tea inspired cupcakes, with taro batter and a taro frosting with pearlized sprinkles. Marjorie is a little less adorned than Sylvia, so while they share the same flavors, her cupcake is just as successful without the honeydew touch, thank you very much.

THE DEIRDRE: Deirdre’s entrance in the play disrupts the action in an extremely amusing way, which is why a pineapple cottage cheese batter filled cupcake (with pineapple cottage cheese for texture and a light pineapple cream cheese frosting) is the perfect counterpoint.

And then a special cupcake just for us:

The Cottage Specialty Cupcake

The Cottage Specialty Cupcake

THE COTTAGE: A light red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, rainbow sprinkles and a candied heart in the middle, which is actually a pretty accurate description of Sandy Rustin’s play.

So plan on eating dessert when you come see the show!


  1. Taryn Sacramone
    Nov 05, 2013

    Honestly, guys. I leave APAC and you all partner with a cupcake bakery. At least I’ll see the show this Friday. I’m bringing tupperware.

  2. Flavia
    Nov 05, 2013

    Mmm . . the cupcakes look inviting. Excited to see the show – see you at the earlier show on Saturday.

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