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BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #14: Actress Hannah Lewis (The Secret Garden)

I played Mary in last spring’s APAC performance of The Secret Garden, and I was very excited to come back and see Blood Brothers. I was amazed at how much the space had changed. The first time I saw the space before The Secret Garden it was just a gym, then it was transformed into […]

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BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #13: Assistant Stage Manager Jamie Rosler

Thursday night performance of Blood Brothers – an ASM’s point of view   Just before 6pm: I arrive in Astoria.  Swing by 7-11 for a large coffee (which I rarely drink and therefore fill with sugar, cream, and hazelnut syrup), a banana, and a bag of ranch Munchies.  Stroll in the sunshine back to the […]

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BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #12: Audience Member Jonathan Thompson

I first encountered Blood Brothers twenty years ago as a teenager growing up in a tiny town in Oregon. I saw the Broadway cast of Blood Brothers perform a medley from the show on the Tony Awards and I loved it. I managed to find the CD and I listened to the unusual, haunting songs over and over but […]

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BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #11: Assistant Director Mark Falconer

Tom Wojtunik first told me that he was interested in directing Blood Brothers just about this time last year, when we were working on The Secret Garden together. To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled. My first experience with APAC was as an audience member – I took the trip to Astoria to see Children of […]

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BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #10: Actress Kayla Wickes

So since Rowan Michael Meyer already wrote a piece that embodies everything I feel about this production of Blood Brothers, I thought I would share something different. I always make playlists for every show I’m in.    Because APAC has this neat blog thingy, I figured I would make this playlist public. Some of it is a […]

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BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #9: Volunteer Carole Tosiello

 It’s just a square, the floor of a gym surrounded on three sides by seats, yet through the magic that is “Blood Brothers”, we are transported to a time and place far from that simple set. In what might sound like a total distraction, all the props ring that square, and the entire cast rarely […]

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BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG # 8: Audience Member Laura Kellner

I want to see this play 100 times. It devastated me. The beautiful kind like when you were 14 and first realized you were alive. Or wanting to quit your job to live in the Never, Never but realize you’d probably end up crawling back begging to put cardboard boxes together 70 or 90 hours a week. […]

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BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #7: Actor Rowan Michael Meyer

Never Judge a Basement by Its Color. The night I auditioned for Blood Brothers, the stars could not have been less aligned.  I was on the subway… to Queens… for a 9pm audition… in a church basement… for a musical I’d never heard of… directly after a cruise line audition that was a solid medium-rare.  […]

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BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #6: Wardrobe Supervisor Jenny Herdman Lando

No one is more surprised than I am to have been asked, repeatedly, to be the wardrobe supervisor for APAC. (Well, maybe my Mom who is a professional seamstress and knows that I cannot use a sewing machine.)  I have, however, in my varied roles in theatre over the past few decades learned some tips […]

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BLOOD BROTHERS BLOG #5: Musical Director Julianne Merrill

When Tom first asked me to Music Direct Blood Brothers, I had never heard of it. As I listened to a few different recordings, I was amazed by the simple, yet expressive and beautiful songs and themes. At our first meeting, Tom told me two specific things: 1) that there were some ensemble parts missing […]

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