Costumes from The Cottage
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

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Costumes from The Cottage

Some actors say that the moment they first put on their costumes is when they can fully realize their characters, it adds a piece of the puzzle as to who the characters are.  Ryan Moller, costume designer from APAC’s The Secret Garden, is joining us again on The Cottage.  He is taking this opportunity to share with us a little about how he sees the characters in The Cottage and give us a sneak peek at what we can expect to see hit the stage on November 7th.

Adam approached me about working together on The Cottage early in the summer. He described it as a new play in the style of Noel Coward’s comedies. That was all I needed to hear.

Research of women's clothes from the era

Research of women’s clothes from the era

I approached the piece keeping that description in mind. I wanted to design in as if it was first being produced in the time in which the play is set, 1923. Adam had an idea to bring in modern influences, which reminded me of Singin’ in the Rain (1952). Walter Plunkett was very clever when he designed the clothes for the film–although the plot of the movie is set in the mid 20’s, Plunkett fit the clothes for the body and aesthetic of a 50’s audience. The result was a very interesting mix of 20’s and 50’s clothes. I used this idea when designing the clothes for The Cottage, which are based in the 20’s, but fit for a modern eye.

The first thing we see in the show is Beau and Sylvia after making love. Beau has returned from the shower and wears a beautiful silk robe, longer then a period smoking jacket, but shorter than a modern bathrobe.

Sylvia's Negligee

Sylvia’s Negligee

Sylvia is inspired by a Silver Screen vamp. She wears a beautiful negligee and long flowing floral chiffon robe, with modern heeled slippers.

Clark is wearing a suit inspired by a Ralph Lauren, with added vintage cuff links.

Deirdre hides a secret I won’t divulge, but I will say she is not all she appears to be! Her 20’s style dress is in the colors of a refreshing glass of summer lemonade, which helps to mask her secret.

Rendering of Richard

Rendering of Richard

The final guest to arrive is Richard, who also hides a secret. Originally Richard was dressed in beautiful English hunting gear, but Adam gave me the image of a dangerous hunter, or stalker. He was redesigned with a rougher working class sort of feel to him. I wanted there to be something dangerous and yet still attractive and romantic about him.

I hope the audience picks up on the visual jokes that have been inserted to the clothes, as well as the homage to the comedies of Noel Coward and days gone by.

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