Digging Through History
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Digging Through History

As Taryn prepared to leave APAC these last few weeks one of her tasks was to get any files out of storage and bring them to the APAC office.  As the boxes started coming in, there has been a lot of time spent (and a lot more to spend) combing through boxes – some containing paperwork, others containing pictures and video tapes, but all containing the history of APAC.

Part of my job at APAC is to interview people for different positions on productions, and because of that I have gotten good at telling the history of APAC, a few sentences about how Sue Scannell wanted to start a theater company in an area with a lot of theater people, how she put out a flyer and 350 people showed up to audition.  The story of those first days of APAC and the excitement behind it has become lore in APAC’s history.

Flyer for APAC

Finding the flyer and the picture of the 350 excited actors who came out to audition (as well as a picture of the company formed out of those 350 people) really brought that history that I tell to life in a new way.

photo (2)

It’s not just a history of the company in general that I started to uncover.  It was also a history of our programs – last year Summer Stars celebrated its 10th season.

photo (4)

Summer Stars 2012

Among the boxes were pictures of that first group of Summer Stars that took the stage 11 years ago.

Summer Stars 2003

The real history unfolded as I started organizing the drawer full of postcards and playbills.  Every mainstage show starting in 2002 had a postcard, and each postcard told a story.  As I set them all out I was able to see the history of APAC’s productions right in front of me, and all the stories of the people who worked with us right along with it.

photo (1)

We all are looking ahead in anticipation of the season starting, with all the work to be done, all the moments we’ll create, but it’s good to have the opportunity to look back, to be reminded of all this organization has accomplished and all the people who have been a part of it along the way.


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