Intersecting Identities: Bringing New Dimension to our Developmental Work through Dramaturgy
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Intersecting Identities: Bringing New Dimension to our Developmental Work through Dramaturgy

APAC Artistic Director Dev Bondarin talks about Intersecting Identities, our reading series of three new works in partnership with Beehive Dramaturgy Studio.

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For many seasons, APAC has used the period between mainstage productions to workshop new plays and musicals, and to support writers in the development process. This season, we have joined forces with Beehive Dramaturgy Studio and are tackling an exciting new project: Intersecting Identities, a reading series of three new plays.

Beehive is a collective of professional dramaturgs who specialize in the development of new theater pieces. Last spring over coffee with Natasha Sinha, one of Beehive’s co-founders, I learned more about its mission and goal to partner with theater companies to help widen the accessibility of dramaturgs and to continue to offer support to writers and their new theater pieces.

I have always valued my past collaborations with dramaturgs — and both my work and the productions I have directed have benefited from their presence in the rehearsal room. A dramaturg offers feedback, is another keen eye in the room, has a strong sense of the backbone of the story, and offers perspective. I wondered if we could formulate a way to bring dramaturgs into the process of developing new work at APAC. So, I emailed Natasha asking for a second meeting as soon I got home. My message read, “I have an idea!”

Now, here we are, seven months later, proud to be presenting a reading series on February 21st, 23rd, and 27th featuring new plays by Phillip Howze, Andrea Thome, and Ricardo Pérez González and curated by me, Natasha, and Beehive’s other co-founders, Jeremy Stoller and Molly Marinik. We created a theme, Intersecting Identities, into which these three writers’ work fits.  

These pieces focus on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and country of origin, and the plays explore how friction among overlapping cultural identities can complicate how we interact with the world and understand who we are.

Working with Beehive brings a new dimension to the type of support we can offer to the writers with whom we work, and Natasha, Molly, and Jeremy have been working with the playwrights in rehearsal for the readings this week.

To read more about the plays and playwrights and to reserve free tickets to the readings, held at the Zukor Theatre at Kaufman Astoria Studios, click here.

by Dev Bondarin

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