Playmaking Students Chat About Their Brand New Plays
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Playmaking Students Chat About Their Brand New Plays

The public performance for our first round of Playmaking is right around the corner.  Teaching Artists Susan and Crystal aren’t the only ones getting excited about the upcoming Playmaking performance on February Feb. 13th at I.S. 10 in Queens! Today, Crystal got to talk to the students about their brand new plays! 


The Playmaking Playwrights were each asked:
What excites you about your play? Or your Playmaking characters?

Here’s what they had to say…

Litzy Rincon Robles: For my play, it excites me that you could tell a nice story and you can use the imagination for your plays – you can think of anything! Lilies are my favorite flowers and kangaroos are my favorite kind of animal. I feel like I’m writing a play that’s a part of me.

Christian Navarrete: My play is special to me because the Lion is my favorite animal and the Book is what I like to do. I’m enjoying giving them names and giving them actions. The plays are gonna be good – come watch them!

Photo Credit: Crystal Skillman

Photo Credit: Crystal Skillman

Nicole Llera: What I like about my play is it’s funny and I can put anything in the play that I would normally not say. I like that I can say anything with my characters. Like how they feel and I can make it a mystery between them. I mean mystery like, there’s more to discover about them then what you see. You see a different part than what they’re feeling inside. In Playmaking you can really express yourself with your characters. My characters can do one thing but they can feel another thing – it’s like a mystery inside.

Shahbaz Meer: What excites me about my play is that a lot of people are going to see it! That my parents and friends are going to see it. Also, I’m excited that we’re going to make posters for our plays – that’s cool! My play is going to be kind of emotional, sad and happy. All the plays are going to be amazing. Tell your friends they should come! It’s not going to be waste of time – it’s going to be enjoyable!

Sabiq Kennedy: I think people should come see the show because we all worked REALLY hard to make our shows. All of them have action, all of them are nice, all of them have a good ending … I think! Just kidding. They do! My ending is really good because in my play everything ends up really peachy and if you want to see what my ending is … come see it!

Photo Credit: Crystal Skillman

Photo Credit: Crystal Skillman

Laibah Azam: I find it interesting that we actually get to brainstorm and share our ideas with great people that have the same ideas! And we have fun while we do it!

Kevin Monte: What I like about doing playmaking is the fact that every story doesn’t have to have a happy ending. The Wind Waker uses a lot of metaphors which I like writing. I hope everyone can put the puzzle pieces together in my play and find out the puzzle I’ve made.

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