Postcards, designing, rehearsals, oh my!
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Postcards, designing, rehearsals, oh my!

What does it take to get a show up and running?  This week, APAC Artistic Director Dev Bondarin lets us in on the myriad ways #TeamAPAC/#TeamEvensong is prepping for the show.


We are 14 days away from our 1st performance of the world premiere of Evensong by Christina Quintana and every member of #TeamEvensong is hard at work!

The actors are rehearsing with director David Mendizábal to get the play up on its feet and because Christina has been able to attend rehearsals she has been making updates to the script to further develop the story.  So what you will see is a different and newer version of the script than what the actors began with.  Go, new play development!

Our designers are hard at work as well and are thinking about our theater space in a new way.  As you may or may not know, our space at the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church is flexible and set up differently for each show.  And Evensong will be no exception.

Just this week set and prop designers Christopher and Justin Swader visited The Friends Shelter (pictured below), where Christina volunteers and which played an important part in the development of this play (Read Christina’s blog post about that here.).  This visit enabled them to get an in-depth feel for the world of the play to enhance their work.  I can’t wait to seeing how their design evolves in the theater.


Also, this week saw the filming of our behind-the-scenes video.  Jessica Taghap (our social media & blog manager) and I worked with Astoria’s own Bruth Media, and David, Christina, and four of the actors spoke about the play and working in Astoria.  Stay tuned for the final product arriving online soon.

And our beautiful postcards were mailed last week and we are spreading the word on social media and in the press to YOU!


This is a special piece which takes us into the inner perspective and journey of Teo, a member of the working homeless population in NYC.  The piece also has the power to encourage us all to see into ourselves, reminding us that we are all worthy of graciousness and humility as we navigate NYC life together. Join us!

Click here for more info and tickets!

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