Recommended Restaurant : Butcher Bar
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Recommended Restaurant : Butcher Bar

As winter rolls on, we hit a quiet time at APAC. Although we’re still working away at the office and we’ve even started preparing for our next mainstage – Allegro, the pace has slowed a little. We thought we would use this down time to let you know about one of the new restaurants on our Recommended Restaurant List, The Butcher Bar. Jenny Lando wrote about some of her favorites there.


Opening at the very end of 2011 it was clear that Butcher Bar was adding something to 30th Avenue that was missing. Not just a quality meal, but quality meat at affordable prices. More discerning carnivores require grass-fed beef claiming not only that it tastes better but the industry practices around it leads to more sustainability all around.


Butcbutcherbar3her Bar took it a step further, you could buy meat from them and take it home for your meal or they could prepare simple and simply delicious meals for you to eat.


I’d start with the Meat Candy. Get an appetizer portion. But what is it?  As they prepare a cut of brisket for smoking the butchers remove the very ends of the piece, usually it has a bit more marbled fat in it. So as an edge or end piece, many might discard it. However, when you double smoke it and let it achieve the perfect burnt crust it becomes a mouth-watering treat to get you ready for the rest of your meal. Sweet, tender and just the right amount of texture.


butcherbar2You could  follow it up with either the Butcher’s salad with slices of lean brisket added or with the pulled pork sandwich. Slow cooked so the meat falls apart on its own and with just enough sauce to hold it together in your brioche bun this is one of their best sellers. Suggested sides? Corn cakes with honey butter, mac and cheese ( which should be called cheese with mac), Applewood bacon baked beans. A natural soda to wash it all down and you’ll be in your seat with a full belly ready to enjoy the show.


( There are a few vegetarian salads and sides)

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