A New Generation of Song
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Produced in association with the New York Musical Theatre Festival

“…[a] vanguard of youthful, energetic and passionate performers who will continue to strive for excellence until their voices are heard on Broadway and beyond!” -Queens Courier

September 15-17, 2006

Building on APAC’s commitment to cultivating new theatrical talent, submissions of various composers’ “as-yet-to-be-produced” works of musical theatre were accepted.  After considering a diverse and impressive collection of entries, APAC Artistic Director Brian Swasey and Musical Director Jeffrey Campos created a showcase featuring the music of 20 up-and-coming composers.

“The Jerusalem Syndrome” & “Doin’ It” (from The Jerusalem Syndrome) by Laurence Holzman, Felicia Needleman & Kyle Rosen
“You’re Always Home” (inspired by the film Chocolat) by David Delaney & Nancy Stark
“Come to Me” (from Something Wicked This Way Comes) by Alan Wager & Peggy Riley
“The Conspiracy Song” (from Alice) by William Wade
“When Her Mother Danced” & “The Seasons” (from The Heiress) by David Sisco & Tom Gualtieri
“Kea’s Ark” (from Kea’s Ark) by Ted Kociolek & James Racheff
“Irresistible” (from PEARL) by Katie Kring
“Joey Runs” (from Across the Tracks) by Brett Kristofferson
“The Whole Wide World” by Brett Kristofferson
“Waiting for Ben” (based on the play Tis Never a Straight Line) by David Delaney
“Cookies Crumble” (from Jack and Jill) by Jason Loffredo & Jay Falzone
“The Smallest Hope” & “Worthy of the Crown” (from The Man in the Iron Mask) by Jeffrey Campos & Shad Olsen

Kimberly Chesser*, Michael Marcotte, Shad Olsen, Sarah Orr*
*These actors appear courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

DIRECTOR: Brian Swasey

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