Playmaking 2007: Finding the Truth About Friends and Family & Going to New Places in the Imagination
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Each year students from Horace Greeley Intermediate School (IS 10) participate in an after school program where they learn to write their own plays.

These young playwrights then see their original works brought to life by professional actors and directors in a evening of staged readings. Each young playwright sees their work performed for the very first time while sitting in a big “Writer’s Chair” onstage.

It’s great fun and inspiring to see these kids find a new way to express themselves creatively.

Finding the Truth About Friends and Family – February 12, 2007


The Lucky Day by Nicole Hassan (Directed by Caroline McGraw)
You Can Get Lost But I Can Find You by Natasha Abbensetts (Directed by Brian Swasey)
Trusting the Truth by Tyriek Bussey (Directed by Tom Wojtunik)
Spring’s Fulfillment and Summer’s Penguin Problem by Cristal Phu (Directed by Maura Kelly)
Spike and Robert by Andrew Calderon (Directed by Michelle Seaton)
Hopes and Dreams by Jessica Arroyo (Directed by Taryn Drongowski)
My Horse Lover by Sheri Cooper (Directed by Taryn Drongowski)
What Could Be Better? by Nykkia Nelson (Directed by Alex Pappas)

Laura Daniel, Ryan Dietz, Mark Enis, Russell Harder, Erin A. Hurme, Ian Knauer, Caroline McGraw, Shad Olsen, Sarah Orr, Kimberly Page, Alex Pappas, Jill Parshley, Michelle Seaton, Brian Swasey, Barri Tsavaris, Ryan Voz


Going to New Places in the Imagination – March 29, 2007


The Two Friends’ Expectations by Sofia Liriano (Directed by Carol Lucha-Burns)
The Complicated Week by Danyelle Roumer (Directed by Carol Lucha-Burns)
Goal!!! by Jay Prieto (Directed by Jill Parshley)
Penelope’s Fears by Jeannette Lennon (Directed by Russell Harder)
The Beginning of a New Friendship by Kareem Haskins (Directed by Taryn Drongowski)
The Lonely Tree by Rebecca Rosoff (Directed by Ian Knauer)
The Trouble by Emily Lama (Directed by Alex Pappas)
Dogg Power by Verenice Aracena (Directed by Tommy Labanaris)

Adrienne Asterita, Ryan Dietz, Michelle Doucet, Emily Edgerton, Russell Harder, Jason Hare, Stephanie Hatfield, Ian Knauer, Tommy Labanaris, Shad Olsen, Alex Pappas, Jill Parshley, Michelle Seaton


INTERN: Luis Pliego

APAC’s Playmaking Program has been adapted from and inspired by Daniel Judah Sklar’s book PLAYMAKING: Children Writing and Performing Their Own Plays.

Sponsored by Council Member Peter Vallone Jr. and the Cultural After School Adventures (CASA) Program, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

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