The Pillowman
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

by Martin McDonagh

“Astoria Shows Manhattan How It’s Done…an exquisitely cast, almost perfectly realized theater lover’s dream…” -Mark Peikert, New York Press


November 5-21, 2009

FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY – Children under 14 are not permitted

With echoes of Stoppard, Kafka, and the Brothers Grimm, The Pillowman centers on a writer in an unnamed totalitarian state who is being interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories and their similarities to a series of child murders. The result is an urgent work of theatrical bravura and an unflinching examination of the very nature and purpose of art.


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Westport News’ “Jordan Bloom onstage in New York”

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“This production of The Pillowman (Directed by Tom Wojtunik) is just about as perfect as a dark, dark, dark (DARK) comedy can get.” -Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium 

“The folks at Astoria Performing Arts Center kept my pulse racing from start to finish.” -Sarah Whalen,

“The actors, the set, and script all knocked it out of the park…. I would highly recommend checking it out…before it closes.” -Ran Craycraft, Why Leave Astoria?! (November 12, 2009)

“…under Tom Wojtunik’s direction, [The Pillowman] never gives in to sensationalism. Instead, it’s in your face, gritty, and raw, as few shows venture to be.” -Cindy Pierre, Stage and Cinema (November 15, 2009)

“In short, there is very little in this production that doesn’t work brilliantly, proving that terrific theater can be found even further off Broadway than one might suspect. Those who quake at the thought of leaving Manhattan for a show will be in for a pleasant–or rather, quite unsettling–surprise…” -Jena Tesse Fox, Broadway (November 15, 2009)

“…world-class theater with some of the best acting I’ve seen in any stage production in any of the five boroughs…anyone who is willing to let themselves be challenged, and anyone who truly appreciates excellent production values, including the flawless costuming by Emily Morgan DeAngelis, the haunting original music by Ryan Homsey and the clever stage lighting designed by Driscoll Otto, and of course, as mentioned, the outstanding acting, will be mesmerized by this show.” -Georgina Young-Ellis, The Queens Gazette (November 18, 2009)

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