Playmaking 2011: Each Side of the Story Is Different & The Unbelievable Stories by Kids
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Each year students from Horace Greeley Intermediate School (IS 10) participate in an after school program where they learn to write their own plays.

These young playwrights then see their original works brought to life by professional actors and directors in a evening of staged readings. Each young playwright sees their work performed for the very first time while sitting in a big “Writer’s Chair” onstage.

It’s great fun and inspiring to see these kids find a new way to express themselves creatively.

Each Side of the Story Is Different – February 16, 2011

Astoria Playmaking Program

That’s What Friends Are For by Neila Sujak (Directed by Elizabeth Irwin)
The Bond by Abhi Paul (Directed by Dominic D’Andrea)
The Loss by Samia Ait-Ouret (Directed by Robert Cambeiro)
The Weird Agents by Andrew Cody (Directed by Neal J. Freeman)
The Betrayer by Lisset Jimenez (Directed by Maurisa Charest)All You Need Is a Monkey by Joshua Defaria (Directed by Richard Buccola)
Each Heart Breaks Different, But Heals the Same by Nia Vasquez (Directed by Paul Brewster)
The Night That Couldn’t Be by Lejla Lalicic (Directed by Paul Brewster)

Nick Abeel, Andrew Boyd, Dave Charest, Maurisa Charest, Candice Fortin, Barbara Glick, Alex Goldberg, Alex Gonzalez, Jonathan Gregg, Amanda Johnson, Dennis Michael Keefe, Erin Lindsey Krom, Alexandra Krosnovsky, Joe Lattanzi, Maya Macdonald, Amy Novondo, Catia Ojeda, Anjuli Sanneman, Ben Schnickel, Brielle Silvestri, Corey Tazmania, Alex Weider, Amy Witherby, Cotton Wright

The Unbelievable Stories by Kids – April 14, 2011

Best Friends Forever by Josseline Lemus (Directed by Angela Dirksen)
The Sneaky Banana Thief by Junaid Khan(Directed by Dominic D’Andrea)
The Great Adventure of Spectra and Joey by Jimmy Sanchez, Jr. (Directed by Roberto Cambeiro)
The Dog’s Heart Breaks But the Mother Heals It by Mirela Ljesnjanin (Directed by Brian Dann)
Lovin’ Life by Allan Gruda (Directed by Hans Friedrichs)
Fred’s Adventure by Brian Vasconcelos (Directed by Alex Weider)
The Best Friends and the Book Bag by Shameka Hunter (Directed by Richard Buccola)
The Ugly and the Smelly by Khirul Rof  (Directed by Roberto Cambeiro)
The Battle of Meat by Alan Zhu (Directed by Elizabeth Irwin)
Me and You Forever by Chaimae Bouras (Directed by Paul Brewster)

Nick Abeel, Matthew Barbot, Dave Charest, Angela Dirksen, David Havasi, Natalie Doyle Holmes, Sally Cade Holmes, Joe Lattanzi, Peter Levine, Janice Mann, David Meyers, Liz Power, Christina Roman, Mike Roush, Anjuli Sanneman, Ben Schnickel, Charity Schubert, Jillian K. Water, Alex Weider


PRODUCER: Dave Charest
COSTUMES & PROPS: Severe Erase

APAC’s Playmaking Program has been adapted from and inspired by Daniel Judah Sklar’s book PLAYMAKING: Children Writing and Performing Their Own Plays.

Sponsored by Council Member Peter Vallone Jr. and the Cultural After School Adventures (CASA) Program, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.



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