Playmaking 2014: Imagination Train & The Re-Animators
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Astoria Playmaking ProgramEach year students from Horace Greeley Intermediate School (IS 10) participate in an after school program where they learn to write their own plays.

These young playwrights then see their original works brought to life by professional actors and directors in a evening of staged readings. Each young playwright sees their work performed for the very first time while sitting in a big “Writer’s Chair” onstage.

It’s great fun and inspiring to see these kids find a new way to express themselves creatively.

The Re-Animators – April 10, 2014

Space Buddies by Marcos Navarrete (Directed by Wayne Henry)
A Not So Straight Line by Dimitra Lafazanis (Directed by Johnny Culver)
The Mixed Match by Aman Kaur (Directed by Christina Gulick)
An Unlucky Day by Jackson Luces (Directed by Richard Buccola)
Around the Woods by Nusrat Ria (Directed by Jordan Raymond)
Back from the Grave by Isaiah Addoo (Directed by Jordan Raymond)
Bad Grades Can Lead to a Great Friendship by Christian Navarrete (Directed by Christina Gulick)
The Invaders by Stefanos Chasiotis (Directed by Paul Brewster)
A Tale of Two Broken Hearts by Jasmine Bennett (Directed by Ian Campbell Dunn)

Elena Barrio, Paul Brewster, Marc Castle, Ian Campbell Dunn, Sean Gorski, Christina Gulick, Wayne Henry, Mary McCarthy, Lucy McMichael, Laina Ponella


Imagination Train – March 13, 2014

Two New Friends by Litzy Rincon Robles (Directed by Angela Dirksen)
Friendship Found in a Cage by Christian Navarette (Directed by Paul Brewster)
Big City by Kevin Monte (Directed by Meghan O’Connor)
Bamboo Trouble by Nicole Llera (Directed by Sarah M. Chichester)
Gods of the Sea by Sabiq Kennedy (Directed by Jaime Fallon)
Sweet Revenge by Laibah Azam (Directed by Richard Buccola)
The Greatest Friendship by Shahbaz Meer (Directed by Ian Campbell Dunn)

Elena Barrio, Paul Brewster,  Matthew Bradley, Dave Buscema, Arturo Castro, Ian Campbell Dunn, Jaime Fallon, Kaydence Frank, Gregory Kostal, Jason Loughlin, Mary McCarthy, Matthew Napoli, Katty Perrell, Gala Radin, Suni Reyes, Taylor Shurte, Ariana Uding, C.L. Weatherstone

PRODUCER: Paul Brewster

APAC’s Playmaking Program has been adapted from and inspired by Daniel Judah Sklar’s book PLAYMAKING: Children Writing and Performing Their Own Plays.

Sponsored by Council Member Peter Vallone Jr. and the Cultural After School Adventures (CASA) Program, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.



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