Summer Stars 2015
"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Summer Stars 2015

Summer Stars Director, Katharine Pettit, reflects on this year’s program


Senior Stars has been an extraordinary experience! The seniors are each a bundle of surprises, humor, sparkle and wit! 14 individual needs and goals coming together to create a musical revue; sounds crazy, no? But in just five short weeks together, my musical director, James Higgins, and I mind melded with each Senior on what he or she wanted to sing, their thoughts on the shape of the show and the theme and, this Saturday, we presented a full-blown production of Broadway’s Golden Age Hits!

Marion, my Ethel Merman, Joan, my Ann Miller, Stan, my Howard Keel, the dulcet tones of Edna, Margaret, Judy and Jimmy, the comedic timing of Patty, Helen and Julie, the sister act of Kathy and Arline, the sincerity and power of Francie and Flavia, all combine to serve up a nostalgic trip via the best music ever written!

I’m honored to be putting it together with such dedicated and luminescent souls! So often creating new theater is quite pressure filled and the stakes are super high. This experience continues to be a breath of fresh air into why I live my life among the throng of Ol’ Broadway and New, creating new works and treasuring and learning from the luminaries that came before! Let’s Go, On with the Show…

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