Interview: Q&A with VEIL’D Director Pirronne Yousefzadeh
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Interview: Q&A with VEIL’D Director Pirronne Yousefzadeh

In this interview with Veil’d director Pirronne Yousefzadeh, she talks to APAC about the rehearsal process thus far and what it’s like bringing a fairy tale to life.


Hi, Pirronne.  Thanks for taking some time out from your busy rehearsal schedule to talk Veil’d with me.  As we near opening night, how are you feeling?  Anxious?  Stressed?  A mix of both?!

I’m excited! We’re approaching tech, which is my favorite part of the process, where all of the design ideas and the work of the actors in the rehearsal room come together.

From a director’s perspective, what drew you initially to Veil’d?  What made you want to take it on as a project?

Monet [Hurst-Mendoza, the playwright] and I have a longstanding collaborative relationship and a great friendship, so I was thrilled at the prospect of getting to work with her in this capacity, and on this play, which I have admired for some time. I love that this play centers around a Middle Eastern family without the focus being on their Middle Eastern-ness. And, I think that the play is so relatable in that we’ve all felt like an other or a freak in some way in our lives. Dima [the central character of Veil’d] feels that in a very particular way, and I think we can all find a way in which we identify with her.

Veil’d is told through a unique, magical-realist narrative structure — without giving too much away, how do you intend to stay true to the spirit of Monet’s storytelling and bring these elements to the stage?

In the rehearsal room, we’re all working to embrace the sense of magic within the play and the power and immediacy of live theatre. We’ve had a blast finding our way of interpreting Monet’s moments of magic, and it is always joyous and fulfilling to create theatrical gestures that are intended to inspire wonder and delight.

What has your rehearsal experience been like so far?  What does it mean for you as a director to have the writer in the room with you during the process?  How has it been working with the rest of the cast and creative team?

I love working with the writer in the room, and with Monet it has been particularly collaborative, and a seamless and exciting exchange of ideas. The actors are profoundly generous, dedicated, and smart, and it’s fitting that in a play that is also about family and finding human connection, we have forged such deep and meaningful bonds with one another in the room. The designers are absolutely terrific, and I’m amazed by the work they are doing to bring this fairy tale to life.

APAC Presents Veil’d
November 2-18, 2017.
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
30-44 Crescent Street (at 30th Road)

For more tickets and info, go here.
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