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Looking Back Through Stained Glass
by Tim Paré & Philip Calabro
Directed by Tony Williams II

July 8 & 9 at 8:00pm
at Astoria Performing Arts Center

44-02 23rd Street, LIC

Illustrious drag queen Nancy Nogood and her co-host, Rose Ritz, have been performing a weekly drag show longer than anyone should. Set in a post-apocalyptic Long Island City, recently overrun by religious zealots, who, along with their purity-preaching leader, Tina Featherbottom, threaten to shut down Nancy’s show and transform APAC into a Megachurch. Tonight though, a surprise bite from one of the local cockroaches infuses Nancy’s performance with new manic energy. Suddenly her tired, uninspired act is transformed into an origin story worthy of a comic book hero, and soon no one can stop her.




General Ticket

Standard Audience ticket.


VIQ Ticket

Very Important Queen. Special Seating. Complimentary Concession.

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