"Adventurous theater in Astoria"

-- The New York Times

Crumbling infrastructure, poison water, distant gunfire, political ads. What does the future hold, and who will be there to shape it? From award-winning Austin, Texas-based playwright Cyndi Williams comes a timely epic of survival and the fight for a better tomorrow

Joanna Carpenter, Arlene Chico-Lugo, Christine Donnelly, Caitlin Duffy, Ian Campbell Dunn,
Tom Green, Natasha Hakata, John C. Hume, Brandon Jones, Brynne McNanimie,
Peter Romano, Mahima Saigal, Cliff Sellers, Matt Welsh

Production Team:
Steven Brenman, Margaret Baughman, Derrick Byars, Matthew Dunivan, Caroline Eng, Rodrigo Muñoz, Zack Murphy

This production will support APAC and Produced in association with Theater East.

October 22nd and 23rd 8pm ONLY!
Purchase early and save!

Tickets are:
$15 through October 20th
$25 October 21st through October 23rd

To purchase tickets visit APAC’s FiveOhm TV channel


All ticket sales benefit Astoria Performing Arts Center, and our 20th Anniversary Season, which will be announced after the show!

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